2008 FinishLine Class Photo Gallery

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October 11th, 2008
Lyn St. James Drivers Class (Read More....)
Front Left to Right:  Ashley L Freiberg, Jessica Brunelli, Natalie Sather, Julia Landauer, Trista Stevenson, Tiffany Daniels.
Rear Left to Right:  BJ Mcleod (Instructor), Monette, Lyn St. James, Kristy Kester, Molly Rhoads, Kristin Bumbera, Michelle Marquis (Director of Programs,Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation established by Lyn St. James), Kristal Loescher (Instructor).


May 15th, 2008
Left to Right:  BJ Mcleod (Instructor), Deb Winks, Tyler Young, Michael Loescher (chief instructor), Randy Young, Kristal Loescher (Instructor).


April 1st, 2008
Left to Right:  Jamie Ramsay, Trent Guest, Michael W Medeiros, Michael Loescher (chief instructor), Jeffrey Wimmenauer Jr, BJ Mcleod (Instructor).


March 12th, 2008
Left to Right (rear):  BJ Mcleod (Instructor), Dakoda Armstrong, Michael Loescher (chief instructor), Gabrielle B. Dela Merced, Kristal Loescher (Instructor).


February 20th, 2008
Left to Right (rear):  BJ Mcleod (Instructor), Jason Hathaway, Chris (Willy) Thom (behind), Michael Loescher (chief instructor), Billy Puterbaugh, Scott Patrick Menlen.


January 30th, 2008
Left to Right (rear):  Jesse Pontello (Intern), Kristal Loescher (Instructor), BJ Mcleod (Instructor), Sean Romines, Natalie Sather, Keaton Feller,
Front: Michael Loescher (chief instructor)


January 9th, 2008
Left to Right:  Robert Strader, Robert Walendy, BJ Mcleod (Instructor), Dusty Poessnecker, Michael Loescher (chief instructor), Jesse Pontello (Intern), Brennan Didero.

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