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Greg Kleila - 2006 Riverhead Speedway Late Model Champion

(March 2000 FLRS Class Photo)

Greg Kleila, was born on October 16th, 1966 and attended FinishLine Racing School in March of 2000.  He resides in Lindenhurst, NY.  Growing up near the Freeport Speedway gave Greg the opportunity to get involved in racing.  He started out just watching races and then joined the pit crew for Gerry Finn where he soon became Crew Chief.   In 1994 he became a car owner with Ron Thiel Jr driving for him and they became the first team at Riverhead to have a major corporate sponsor. In 1995 Greg started driving, he also started Island Fabrication and built his first Charger car which won 8 feature races and 2 Championships by 1998. In 2006 Greg won his first Late Model Championship at Riverhead Raceway.

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