Application for FinishLine Racing School

Step #1: Fill out the enrollment form. Either the online form below then click submit or use the printable form which can be faxed.
 Enrollment Form (printable)

Step #2: Pay Deposit, we accept checks (Deposit & final payment must be received 10 days prior to class date), money orders or cashiers checks, and credit cards (please call office).

Step #3: Print, Sign and Fax or mail all other forms to office.
FinishLine Racing School
3113 So. Ridgewood Ave.
Edgewater, FL 32141
fax: 386-427-3915

 Shifting Braking Form
 Medical Release Form
 Rules and Regulations
 Photo Release
Order Class Photo Package

Step #4: Once the class has the required number of students a confirmation letter will be mailed/ e-mailed to each student. If for any reason, other than bad weather, a class has to be rescheduled then all students enrolled will be notified 2 weeks prior to class. 

Online Enrollment Form
(fill in information the click the "submit" button below)

Full Name
Zip Code
Home Phone
Work Phone
Cell Phone
Fax Number
E-Mail Address
Date of Birth (ie: Sept 16, 1989)
Height (ie: 5' 10" or 5 ft 10 in)
(RESTRICTIONS FOR SAFETY REASONS DO APPLY, 5'6" or less must provide "heel-to-wall" measurement, please call for details)
Weight (ie: 160 lbs)
Do you have a valid drivers license? YES  NO
Drivers License Number
What Car/Truck do you prefer? (car/truck type subject to availability)
   Modified   Late Model  Truck
What safety equipment will you bring? Please check all that you will bring to class with you.
Fire suit Helmet Nomex Underwear Gloves Head/Neck Restraint
Can you use a Manual Transmission?  Yes No
Date You would Like to attend race school (*payment does NOT guarantee date):
What classes will you attend? Please click all that apply:
Ride on the Wild Side
Feel the Thunder
Intro to Short Track Racing (1 day)
Competition Driving Course (2 day)
Race to Win / Advanced Course (3 day)
Driver Developement Program (2 day, Active Racers Only)
Mechanics / Chassis Seminar (1 day)
Lapping Day (1 day, Return Students Only)
Private Lesson
Do you race now? Yes No
  If active racer list track and series.
Do you have any physical handicaps, or health problems such as color blindness, heart condition, high blood pressure, etc.., which might endanger your life or others while taking this course?
If yes, Please explain:
How did you hear about our school? (include name of referring person)

Deposits are required no later than one month before scheduled class to guarantee you a seat in the race class. Deposit is equal to 1/2 of tuition. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express (a 3% processing fee will apply), Money Orders, Checks (final payment must be received 10 days prior to class), and Cash.

I understand that my deposit, less a $50 registration fee, and a 3% processing fee will be returned if I cancel the course for which I am scheduled at least 21 days in advance. If I cancel less than 21 days prior to the course, my deposit will not be refunded. I will be assessed a 25% late cancellation penalty but can apply the remaining 75% to a course at a later date. A date change fewer than 21 days prior to the start of my course is considered a cancellation and will be treated accordingly. I also understand that if I cancel less than seven days prior to the course, or fail to attend without notifying Finish Line Racing School, I will lose my entire deposit. I further understand that if I use the race cars and school equipment in a reckless, abusive, grossly negligent or wanton manner, that I will be directly liable for all bodily or personal injuries.

I agree to the above terms
(type full name)

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