FinishLine Racing School Pricing

"Each Student is critiqued after
every one of their driving segments"

The FinishLine Racing School each student gets an "Individual" critique.
Mike also critiques the class as a whole, after each rotation.

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Scheduled Classes

Take a Ride On The Wild Side -  more info  - $99.00

Feel The Thunder more info  - $715.00 (limited availablity)

Intro. To Short Track Racing (1 day, est. laps 34) - more info - $1,395.00 Enroll (limited availablity)

Competition Driving Course (2 days est. laps 86) - more info - $3,195.00 Enroll (limited availablity)

Race To Win/Advanced Course (3 days, est. laps 138) - more info - due to economy this has been moved to driver development see pricing below    Enroll

Lapping Days (available for 3 day graduates) - more info - $1,495.00 Enroll

Chassis Seminar / Mechanics Course (1 day) - more info - $525.00 Enroll

Intense Driver Development Courses (call for schedule)

Driver Development
An intense 2 day course designed for the active race car driver using our race cars. - more info - $5,395.00 Enroll

Driver Development Training
Private course using Your Car "Guaranteed to make you faster", 2-3 days include 1-2 days on chassis setup AND 1 day track testing/coaching - more info - $2595.00 per day **  Enroll

Driver Development Training (Mike to You)
Same as above except Mike will come to your shop and your track. You will need to provide certain tools and equipment for the chassis setup and you will have to reserve a race track. - more info - $2595.00 per day **  Enroll

Driver Development 1-on-1 / Private Race Class
One Student - One FinishLine Race Car
This class is designed for the student who just wants more "Seat Time". The whole day will be spent on the individual student. The chief instructor will critique their driving style and will be able to evaluate them. FinishLine Racing School supplies all race cars. - more info - Although this price of $9,000 seems high it is an all inclusive price for both instructors, Mike Loescher and B.J. McLeod, track rental and maintenance, Insurance, and an EMT on site. This is an intense course done in 1 full day with a FinishLine Race Car. We also offer the same course over 2 consecutive partial days, (involving trailering the cars and equipment on the 2nd day). ** Enroll

** Some prices do not include track rental, track sweeping, ambulance, insurance or travel expenses.  For our classes we use New Smyrna Speedway, extra charges may apply if you chose to use a different track. Guarantee applies to ONE student & ONE race car.

  • Please feel free to contact us with any other questions.

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