"FinishLine Racing School Produces Winners!!!"

Tyler Walker, World Of Outlaws attending Private Lessons at The FinishLine Racing School

FinishLine Racing School Private Lessons

Every other sport in the world has coaches. Why doesnít auto racing?
A coach works on technique, motivation, and strategy. Where are racingĎs coaches? Mike Loescher, Chief Instructor and FinishLine Racing School Coach will work with the driver individually, one-on-one, meeting your needs. The specific goals will be yours. Remember, when you are looking for a coach there is one very important attribute to look for - a good coach listens to you. He is concerned about your success. FinishLine Racing School has one of the best, and that's Mike Loescher.

Why do you need a FinishLine Racing School coach?
Simple, everyone needs a coach. Everyone needs to improve something about their driving. You may ask yourself, "Why canít I improve on my own? Iím in the driverís seat." Being in the driverís seat is precisely the problem. You are too close to the action. You cannot see the spinning cars for all the tire smoke. A coach sitting in the stands can pinpoint what changes are needed to make you faster. You may have sat in the stands and watched your competition and, if you have the experience, you may have seen some of their mistakes. This is what the coach sees and why he can help your driving. He knows what a car should do and how to properly drive it around the track. A coach will work with you individually on your driving to make you a better driver.

"Some of our Private Lesson Students"

Donny Schatz-WOO
Reed Sorenson-
Dakoda Armstrong-
Regan Smith-Cup
Jamie McMurray-Cup
Tim George Jr.-
Josh Richards-
Michael Annett-
Andy Lally-
Bryan Clauson-
Brian Scott-

Todd Bodine - Winston Cup
Coy Gibbs - NASCAR All Pro
Cam Strader - NASCAR Dash
J. D. Gibbs - NASCAR Busch
Joel Kauffman - Allison Legacy
Jimmy Spencer - Winston Cup
Pete Vanderwyst - CASCAR driver
Jim Tomlinson - Legends
Phillip Kranefuss - ASA
Tyler Walker - World of Outlaws
Ricky Hendrick - NASCAR Busch
Rich Bickle - Winston Cup
Carl Harr - CASCAR driver
Kevin Schwantz - A.M.A. Super Bike
Zach Niessner - NASCAR SW Tour
Connor Pullen - Sprint Cars
Justin Marks - ARCA
Mario Haberfeld - Champ Car World Series
Dana Moore - Legends & Road Racing

DJ Kennington, CASCAR - Mike Loescher, FinishLine Racing School

Quotes from FinishLine Racing School Private Lesson Graduates

Tyler Walker: World of Outlaws
"On a recommendation from Tim Beverly, Winston Cup owner; I attended private lessons at The FinishLine Racing School. With Mike's guideline and driving tips I was now ready for an ARCA test!"

"We both came to The FinishLine Racing School for private lessons. Mike certainly shortened our learning curve!"

Carl Harr: CASCAR
"My son & I will be getting ready to race in the Winston West Series this year. To prepare we will spend one "chassis" day with our race cars in the FinishLine Shop. After that it will be two days of private lessons at the race track - Here's to a great start!"

Zach Niessner: NASCAR Southwest Tour
"I recently hired Mike to come to Tucson International Raceway. In the past I've always had to run the last chance race. With Mike's help we qualified on the POLE, in only my first time there! Mike has a magic touch!"

Brad Heywood: Australian Sprint Car
"I decided to take a shot and come to the FinishLine Racing School in America. Racing "down under" I wanted to see how the "yanks" do it. Thanks FinishLine for showing me a better & faster way to race!"

Chris & Robin Fountain: United Kingdom Legends
"We both attended The FinishLine Racing School in the states. We later hired Mike to come to the United Kingdom and coach us through a couple of legend car races, and here we are the 2000 Old Spice Legends Car Champions!"

FinishLine Racing School will bring the "WINNING" technology to you!
FinishLine Racing School Chief Instructor, Mike Loescher, will come to your "home" Track, working with the driver and pit crew to help them solve their "Short Track" problems. A balance of information and actual track experience will bring you out a winner. Confidentially assured.
"The Best Kept Secret in Racing"

Mike will personally instruct the student using radio communications, so that the student can get a better feel using their own race car, thus improving their "on track" driving skills.
FULL DAY 8:00 To 4:00  -  HALF DAY 8:00 To 12:00
Now is the time to improve your driving skills. Call for more Information

Driver Development 1-on-1/ Private Race Class
This class is designed for the student who just wants more "Seat Time."
The whole day will be spent on the individual student. The chief instructor will critique their driving style - and will be able to evaluate them at the end of the day. FinishLine Racing School supplies all race cars and equipment.
FULL DAY 8:00 To 4:00 - HALF DAY 8:00 To 12:00
(The cost of TWO half day sessions are extra please call office for current prices. Price is based on 200 laps, extra laps may be purchased)

Private Lessons Using FinishLine's Race Cars (One Car/One Student)
@ New Smyrna Speedway - New Smyrna, FL - 1/2 mile track - 16 degree banking

Private Lessons Using Your Race Car
@ New Smyrna Speedway - New Smyrna, FL - 1/2 mile track - 16 degree banking

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